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Welcome to a world of serenity and self-discovery as you journey on the path to inner peace

Enter and explore self-care tools to balance the mind, body & soul

Discover what total wellbeing feels like for you

A place where you uncover just how powerful you are when aligned to your true self

A place to contemplate and connect to what spirituality means to you, how it supports your path and humanity

Your wellbeing Coach & Spiritual guide on the path to inner peace.

Working with me will create a loving balance in your life.

It will look and feel personal to you, full of love and empowering as you continue your journey.

I work with special souls who feel guided or drawn to me or my work. Whether you're struggling with health challenges, feeling overwhlemed, disconnected from yourself or your spiritual mission, I am here to support and guide.



I offer FREE, no obligation 15min consultations. During the call I ask you to explore exactly what you want on the path (if you don’t consciously know that’s no problem.  It will become clear on the call).  I can then guide you to different services that can support you further. If I am not the right guide for you, I might know someone who is and can refer you on.

This was one of the most interesting and meaningful courses that I have ever taken. It was absolutely outstanding. I shall use all the knowledge I gained yesterday through my work and on a personal basis.



I work with adults of different ages and backgrounds who are drawn to my work and this path – sometimes without knowing why.  Others consciously search and learn to improve their general wellbeing and need some extra guidance.

I teach people to follow their intuition on this path – so follow yours right now. 

Zen Life

A five week online, self study programme to bring you back into balance. The programme provides insight into total wellbeing on your path to inner peace in a loving and empowering way.


 Join me in my Soul Sanctuary and enjoy some time to heal, restore & renew as you connect to a sense of balance & serenity. I offer a range of 1:1 sessions; including; ‘Walk & Talk therapy sessions’ ‘Sacred Soul Sessions’, Angelic Reiki, Spiritual Coaching and Past Life Regression.

Soul Midwifery

A Soul Midwife is a loving and gentle support to those who are preparing to make the journey for a peaceful end of life. I provide holistic, emotional & spiritual support to the dying and their loved ones.


As a TLC Trainer, I also provide full day workshops for individuals and healthcare professionals to enhance the quality of end of life care.


TLC end of life training days

Angelic Reiki Training & Attunements



Discover yoga as a psycho-spiritual practice to connect to yourself deeply. I teach yoga as a tool for self care and healing. My mission is to showcase the true power of yoga from its ancient roots. I offer weekly and monthly workshops and events.


My monthly membership package includes regular online live yoga, meditation and angelic reiki sessions. Just £22 per month and guaranteed to create serenity in your life.

Self Care

My online self care store provides tools and gifts to support your journey.  The store includes ‘Sacred Self Care Kits’, Crystal Kits and other lovingly created items.


Lightworker Business Training Programme and private Coaching (COMING SOON)

About Eva & Alma

Welcome to a world of serenity and self-discovery as you journey on the path to inner peace.


Let me be your guide

Are you waking up to yourself emotionally and want to go deeper?

"I can honestly say this course has been life changing. As well as an overall feeling of better wellbeing and happiness there have been some real specific benefits. This is the start of my journey but I cannot emphasise enough the value this has had on my life." 


"I don't think I have ever felt so relaxed during a treatment.  Rachael makes you feel so comfortable and protected throughout. The healing I felt was so profound it's actually taken me most of the week to process it, what a wonderful gifted Healer Rachael is and I would without a doubt recommend."  


Join my E-Soul Family

& receive your free 3 day at home retreat programme

Rachael (Founder of Eva & Alma) is a certified yoga teacher, angelic reiki healer, reiki master, soul midwife, holistic and wellbeing therapist, psychotherapist, spiritual coach & leader. She works with a variety of adults to support their general health & wellbeing.  Her mission is to guide people on the path to inner peace and enlightenment. She provides holistic health services to balance the mind, body & soul using self care tools and practices. Based in Stourbridge in the UK but able to work remotely around the world.


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