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Are you a Powerful Woman?

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

As a wellbeing coach & spiritual leader, supporting powerful women* on the path to inner peace, its important I clarify what type of powerful woman I work with and help create.

If there is one thing I have learnt about the world of wellbeing and spirituality, its that we all perceive certain terminology differently. For example, the word 'awakening' seems to mean different things to different people. For that reason, I feel it important I clarify what a Powerful Woman is to me and who I work with.

Powerful women are Queens! They lead by example (walk the talk), love people and want others to succeed and find inner peace, as well as achieve their own dreams. The issue most powerful women have is that they love hard and the world struggles to handle their power! They love so hard it is vital they have boundaries. Many powerful women understand this and already set loving boundaries. The issue is, others do not like it. This can make powerful women retreat, forced into serving others without considering her own needs. The world fails to see that when powerful women set boundaries, its because they have more to give and cannot do it profoundly from a space of lack. Sometimes, powerful women are shamed so badly for having loving and balanced boundaries that they put up walls. These walls block the magnificent power of divine love they hold. It's time for powerful women to be ok with who they are and own it. Balance is what will bring peace to anyone's world. Balance is what brings equality too.

So what are the actions and behaviours of powerful women? She:

  • Takes responsibility for her actions.

  • Takes self care seriously - no excuses.

  • Isn’t interested in superficial healing - is prepared to go DEEP into her shadow work!

  • Invests in herself - financially and time wise.

  • Isn’t afraid of emotions, honours & feels them yet doesn't let them control her.

  • Appreciates life throws lemons and wants to find ways the thrive not just survive.

  • Needs to learn how to rest not keep pushing through (balance).

  • Has integrity

  • Wants other people to succeed.

  • Is a powerful Lightworker.

  • Is not fundamental in her spiritual outlook.

  • Is respectful of other people's time and value.

  • Is not afraid to go to the depths of her soul.

  • Needs serenity not a push or kick up the booty. She does that herself.

  • Is self motivated.

  • Is led by her intuition and trusts herself and the Universe, but is also an intellect and enjoys learning.

  • Empowers others.

  • Serves others from the heart but does not lose herself in the process.

  • Owns who she is.

  • Accepts death is part of life and appreciates the life she has.

  • Needs a safe space to be vulnerable.

  • Does not need to project onto others to make herself feel good.

  • Owns her mistakes, makes changes for the better and doesn’t allow her mistakes to hold herself or others back.

  • Knows she is here for a reason.

  • Trusts herself and her judgement.

  • Does no harm but takes no shit.

  • Knows when to take solid action and when to surrender & let go.

  • Love is her driving force.

  • Doesn’t want rescuing. She wants loving support as she saves herself.

  • Isn't afraid of healthy communication.

  • Does not stick her head in the sand. (But she may take time to retreat, rest & heal).

  • Does not distract herself from dealing with stuff.

But most importantly:

Has the ability to create Heaven on Earth

Does that sound like you?

Or do you know this is who you are but have forgotten how to be the powerful woman you were always meant to be?

Do you want to be a powerful woman, know it's your truth but needs to learn how?

Then, when you are ready, or when you get the intuitive guide to work with me, I will be waiting with open arms to support you in your life mission.

Why not book a free consultation with me to see how I can help you?

Rachael 💗

*As an inclusive guide, if you do not identify as a woman but would really like to work with me on your journey, please reach out. If my work and style resonates with you we will work together.

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