Loving the self is the secret to happiness

Updated: May 27, 2019

This week's Blog is brought to you by Sarah Dewhirst, a self love trainer & coach...

Self love is a healthy, noble love that prioritises one’s own wellbeing. Self loving people love themselves first and foremost and believe themselves worthy of abundance in all aspects of life. They pursue what they want, because they feel more comfortable when their needs are met. Self loving people know everyone is created equal and don’t feel superior or inferior to others.

Loving the self means tuning in to your feelings and thinking thoughts that make you feel good. Self loving people are authentic and honest, because they know who they are, what they want and speak up in favour of themselves.

They are not phased when others don’t behave in ways that please them, because they understand others are separate individuals on their own life path. When you are not seeking validation externally, the behaviour of another doesn’t reflect who you are. Self loving people have clear boundaries and seek validation internally, based on how they feel.

They are comfortable walking away from p