Here at Eva & Alma, we live and breathe self care.  Self care is our super power which seems to have been forgotten.  Running around being busy, never feeling you can say 'no', feeling rest and relaxation is 'lazy' blaa, blaa, blaa.  These are all modern day thoughts which do not serve us.  What's so ironic is, when we don't 'fill our energy tanks up', we aren't living the happiest, fullist life we can (and causing a number of health issues along the way).  Self care is healthcare and also a lot of fun.


These Scared Self Care Kits have been created to aid your self care rituals.  Eva & Alma's Founder, Rachael, sourced them and tested them herself to ensure they were the perfect self care tools.  


They are also wonderful gift ideas for loved ones who need a treat.  Particularly if they are struggling with health issues, grief or general stresses and strains and need some extra love.  


A gift message can be added to the box if required for and extra £1. Simply select the option to do so and add your text in the message box.


Limited Edition (v1) Sacred Self Care Kit includes:


💚'UNWIND' Luxury Bath Salts (260ml).  Himalayan Pink Salts with Lavender and Bergamot.  Natural, Vegan and handmade in the North Of England.  

💚'UNWIND' Luxury mist (100ml). Organic Lavender, Bergamot and Cedarwood. 100% natural ingredients and handmade in the North Of England.

💚Self-heating eye mask which will transport you to another dimension.  Relieveing tiredness, eye strain and many other tensions.

💚Bespoke pack of Pukka Tea bags.  Pack contains a mix of 5 different Pukka flavours all chosen to represent self love.  There are 10 tea bags in each pack (2 of each flavour).

💚Natural hand poured and home made tea light by Kemetic Moon (a small Birmingham based business owned by the magical 'Hero'). This divine smelling jasmine and shea butter tealight contains:- Eco Soy Wax; Shea Butter*; Vanilla Essential Oil*; Jasmine Essential Oil*; Jasmine petals* ('*' Certified Organic).  They are also Vegan friendly and Non-Toxic.

💚Inspiring, sustainably manufactured notebook designed to keep you feeling positive and loved.  A great journal option which contains beautiful affirmations on each page, is 100% recyclable, made in England using sustainably sourced paper and printed with solvent-free, vegetable based inks.

💚Beautiful piece of raw Brazilian Rose Quartz.   Rose Quartz itself emitts love, compassion, kindness and tenderness into your home and heart. Calming and reassuring, it helps to comfort in times of grief. It will also aid a self love and compassion journey.

💚A private video in the VIP members area by Founder Rachael, taking you through each product, why she chose them and tips on how to use them for your own self care.

💚A luxury, ethically sourced reusable box. This box is recycled and the paper covering is from sustainable forests. Once you've finished using your Sacred Self Care Kit, the box is so beautiful, you could keep it to store other self care products you have or anything else to store (if you upgrade to the 'LUXE' version of the Kit, you'll receive a larger box with a magnetic strip).

💚A sacred blessing of your box performed by Rachael, setting the intention to bring you inner peace, happiness and connection to your higher self every time you use one if the soulful products inside.

💚The comforting knowledge that, by purchasing this box, you will be adding £5 to the pot to sponsor Rachael's private Soul Midwife work allowing her to offer as many free sessions as she can whilst covering the costs to do so (Not only is she donating funds from Eva & Alma, she will continue to volunteer at her local Hospice too).  A Soul Midwife is an end-of-life therapist offering holistic, emotional and spiritual support to the dying.  You can find out more about this service here.

Sacred Self Care Kit - 1st Edition

Gift message
  • The 'Luxe' Sacred Self Care kit contains all of the products listed here PLUS a BPA free plastic crystal infused water bottle AND a larger, even more luxurious Kit box.