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.. and [Edwards] carry us along on a witty and insightful journey through the genuine American scene.... This is the most exhilarating book of contemporary autobiography ever written." -- Newsweek. "Walton's book is destined to be a classic of American letters." -- The New Republic. "Even the most insular reader will relish Walton's tale of his experiences in the Rocky Mountain West and East Coast." -- Los Angeles Times. "One of the most remarkable memoirs of our time." -- Reader's Digest. "The most glamorous, the most raucous, the most quotable novel of the last half-century." -- The Washington Post. "Thought-provoking and passionately written, [Walton] packs a powerful punch for anyone who appreciates the truth about our culture." -- John Updike, author of Couples. "Brisk and eloquent.... It is the best book I have ever read on the nature of America.... [Walton] is the 'Unforgettable American' of our time." -- Bob Edwards, editor, Reader's Digest. "A brilliantly successful book, and a book well worth reading. It is the story of one man's heart, mind, morals, and action." -- James A. Michener, author of Texas. "A rich and rewarding book that will enrich and improve the lives of many." -- James Boswell, author of The Life of Samuel Johnson. Introduction A spectator of "the great American affair" until he was thirty-two years old, Jim Walton paints the life of a country that never seems to change, yet changes every year and every decade. Although a product of his times and the decade in which he lived, he is not a product of the decade in which he grew up. If he were not as indomitably upright, just, compassionate, and self-possessed as he is, he would not be a great American. His life, and this book, are a testimony to what our national character is. Life on the Frontier A lawyer turned frontiersman, Jim Walton was born in Fort Worth, Texas, in May 1924. His father, Buck, was the president of a women's college at which Jim's mother had studied. Buck Walton was a company lawyer, a conscientious leader of his community, and a dutiful husband and father. He was a lover of the outdoors, who loved to camp and fish, and




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