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Sunday 8.15pm - 9.15pm Upon booking, simply click 'Book now' and select the day and time of the class you'd like to book based on your Serenity Schedule. Restorative Yoga is deep healing and relaxing. The combination of breath work and Restorative poses that last around 10 mins each, trigger the parasympathetic nervous system (PNS). The PNS calms your nervous system and this yoga can trigger a reduction in your heart rate, lower blood pressure, support your immune system and quiet the mind. We start the class by connecting to the breath, quietening the mind or taking a guided meditation. We then take our deep Restorative practice (around 4 asanas *poses* in total). This class is suitable for all levels. No experience necessary as I encourage my class to go deep within and listen to what their body wants them to do - there is no perfect pose in Restorative Yoga - just a chance to listen to the body speak and nourish, support and heal it. You will leave feeling calm, peaceful and balanced. We spend time in silence together for most of the session, but if you are new to the class, or are struggling to switch off, I recommend popping some relaxation music on (as you're on mute during the session). Here is a Spotify playlist that works well with restorative: You'll need: - Yoga Mat - Pillow or cushion - Bolster (If you don't have one, then thick bed pillows or rolled up blankets can act as a substitute, but I would recommend a bolster.) - 2 blocks (if you don't have them, rolled up towels, hard back books or sturdy Tupperware) - blankets (as many as you can find) - eye mask (if you have one, or a rolled up flannel). JOINING INSTRUCTIONS: Your booking confirmation contains a ZOOM link to join the class. Please ensure you have already downloaded ZOOM onto the device you will be using to join the class. You simply click the link and wait for the class to start. I would recommend finding a space where you won't be disturbed. Pop on soft lighting a create a cosy space.