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TLC Training Days

Learn how to give tender loving care at end of life.

In 2017 The National Council for Palliative Care praised our TLC Compassionate Community Project for the “quality of the love it gave to the dying”.

In 2019 it was implemented by Dorset NHS, where it is being offered to all End of Life patients within the county’s community hospitals.


The TLC Training Day is designed to offer anyone involved professionally or personally with people who are dying, an opportunity to learn simple skills and ideas that have the potential to enrich people’s end of life care. TLC is a practical-based offshoot of Soul Midwifery, and was originally designed by Felicity Warner to be delivered to caring communities. As the name suggests, our aim is to give tender, loving care to people at the end of life.


TLC works effectively alongside clinical excellence – there is no conflict with the medical profession.



💚 Ways to soothe at the bedside and create a loving space

💚 The 4 stages of dying and how TLC can help

💚 Different methods to 'listen' to someone on their journey

💚 How to vigil


The exchange for this training is £85 per person. Includes drinks and snacks, but please bring your own lunch.


PLEASE NOTE: This training day does not give you a Soul Midwife Qualification and does not cover any spiritual skills. However, if you are considering training to be a Soul Midwife, this day counts towards entry into the school. You simply have to contact the school to complete the online access course once you've received your TLC certificate. Once the online course is completed, you will be eligible to do level one Soul Midwife training.

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