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I am your serenity mentor & spiritual life Coach on the path to inner peace.  I teach and support special souls how to develop and use self care tools to balance the mind, body & soul & unlock their inner calm.

before i die, my mission is to guide 10,000,000 souls to find peace in pain & reach emotional & spiritual freedom.

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Hi, my name is

Rachael Carter

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Pre 2011, I thought I was healthy. I was an ex-athlete training and exercising daily and using the power of my mind to push through psychological and physical pain barriers. I was also working in a fast paced marketing role with some of the world's biggest brands.

I was happy, had a great social life, a loving partner and was on the road to success. Or so I thought. Until the Universe decided it was time to kick me off the path my mind had visualised and created, and put me on the path of my destiny... 



I get asked this question a lot. And I love it, as it seems to create a sense of curiosity. Eva & Alma aren't people. It means 'Life & Soul.'

Back in 2017 during meditation, a vision of my logo smacked me right between the third eye. Despite not setting an intention around work & career during my meditation practice, or even actively looking for a new purpose, I knew straight away what it meant and what I had to do. This is the difference between manifesting and destiny. 

Once I knew part of my soul mission was to go full throttle into the world of health & wellbeing, I needed a name. And the name wasn't going to be given to me. I had to figure that one out for myself.

I always envisaged I would have a daughter and her name would be Eva. Eva means 'Life' as it's the Spanish version of the name 'Eve'. ‘Alma’ translates as 'soul' in Spanish. Spain plays a huge part in my own spiritual journey and will always be in my heart. It felt right so I did it!



500hr Master Yoga Teacher
Certified Zen Yoga and Meditation Teacher
Certified Restorative Yoga Teacher
Certified Psychotherapist (Level 3 Diploma)
Certified Soul Midwife (end of life therapist), Mentor & TLC Trainer
Angelic Reiki Master
Certified Past Life Regression Therapist
Plus, other short course training such as Sacred Oils, Metatron Methods & regular CPD

I am fully insured and accredited by the BCMA (British Complementary Medicine Association).

Over the past 20 years I’ve invested over £20k in my training (£12k in business qualifications and £9k in holistic and spiritual training). Along with countless hours of study time and relevant experience. 


My most important qualification

 I am an ‘Expert by Experience’.  ‘

symptoms, or work with myself to figure out how to manage them to live a life of purpose and with peace in my heart.  


My whole future had been stripped away from me – my dreams disappeared.  I had to grieve my past and move to a place of acceptance.  Since then I have created a new life I never knew existed and one I absolutely LOVE.  Sure life still throws challenges, but I’m mostly filled with deep peace in my heart whilst living with adversity.  I'm here to teach & guide others they also have the power within to live with peace & power in their heart regardless of what is happening in life.

Experts by Experience’ are now valued just as much as people with education behind them.  My journey with grief, chronic health and invisible disability is the biggest teacher to me in this work – I could never have ‘studied’ this path and learnt the same amount of lessons with the same amount of compassion and understanding.  

I walk the talk and live by everything I teach.  

I spent years living with a complicated neurological condition with no medical support (because no one knew what was causing my symptoms. It took 5 years of constant tests) and I could either succumb to the

I want to empower others to understand just how powerful we are if we see health as a mind, body, soul approach.  The path to inner peace is health – and self care is the tool that supports the journey.


Giving back & ethics

As someone who has worked from the heart most of my life, giving back is important to me. ‘

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As well as donating portions of my profits and membership vouchers to local charities, I have volunteered at my local Hospice since 2012.  I started as a Ward Assistant, making tea for patients and their loved ones, offering companionship and a listening ear to ease their anxieties on their dying journey and even sitting with patients as they actively died.  

In August 2019 I became the official Hospice Soul Midwife on the Spiritual Care team.  I continue to volunteer my time there as a professional supporting the community.

I am also an unpaid member of my local Dying Matters team.  We create events around death & dying in the community.  The team includes representatives of Public Health, NHS, Mary Stevens Hospice, local Funeral Directors, Celebrants, other volunteers and journalists.

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