Zenlife Online Programme

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Welcome to the ZenLife.  A programme designed to give you insight into YOU and who YOU truly are.

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Inside The Programme

5 Modules of deep self study & discovery

2 private online 1:1 sessions with me via Zoom*


  *One at the start and 

one after 5 weeks - only available with full programme.

Pre-recorded videos from me outlining each module’s theme & actions

Downloadable and printable module for each week 

Filled with knowledge and wisdom around self care for mind, body & soul balance.

Weekly actions designed to connect you deeply to yourself 


Without overwhelming you with huge ‘to do’ lists

Healing frequencies to connect with each week and a Spotify playlist

Mudras and affirmations designed to challenge your mindset

Optional pre-recorded yoga sequences to move your body in a gentle and loving way


Pre-recorded meditations

A Sacred Self Care Kit delivered to your door*


(UK only)

*Only available with full programme.

A potentially life-changing experience

"This course was the most beneficial use of my time this year. I have taken away learnings about myself and it has made me more curious to keep exploring. Life changing”

The path to enlightenment and inner peace can be a challenging journey.  It’s not meant to be easy.  You are here for a reason, but you don’t have to do it all alone.


Allow me to guide you on your path in a loving and nourishing way.


Love, Rachael





(Full programme includes 1:1’s and

lifetime access to programme content)


(Access to online programme

and content for 5 week’s only)


Such an amazing course! I learnt so much about myself over the past 5 weeks. Some weeks were tougher than others, simply because it was an area I needed to work through more, but the feeling I have now and the new approach I take to everyday challenges is so much better. Thought is much clearer, actions are much calmer. I use the techniques everyday and feel so much benefit from practicing them. I always thought I was a positive person but this has taken me up a level. 

I express nothing but gratitude to Rachael for the guidance she has given on this course and would wholeheartedly recommend participating in this ZenLife programme.” 



If you have any of the above intentions, this programme is perfect for you to access the power within on your journey.


Who is the programme for?

If you’re here because you’re simply drawn to my work, or found yourself here via your intuition, it’s highly likely you’re meant to be on the programme.  Follow that instinct and come join me!  




Having said that, here are the main reasons people have already taken the programme and achieved their desired intention.

This programme has helped me to start the journey of reconnecting to myself.  It has taught me to recognise when I am present and not dictated to by expectations of ego or others.”

Feeling disconnected and out of alignment with self

What the programme

does not do

‘Fix’ or rescue you.  It’s designed to be a guide on the path to inner peace  - you are more powerful than you know.




No regular check-ins or group calls.  It’s your power and responsibility to walk this path. If you can’t spend 5 weeks working on yourself without someone nudging you to remember you’re worth it, complete the tasks or validate your progress throughout, you aren’t quite ready for this programme.  One day I hope you will be and I look forward to welcoming you back.




Offer group study or community. The objective is to focus solely on yourself and your own journey.  There are times you have to dig deep and walk alone on this path – without comparison or ego play offs.  This is YOUR journey.  I am however available for extra and optional support if needs be.




Provide unlimited access to me.  If you need to book extra sessions with me during the programme, there are details included on how to do so.  If you’re having technical difficulties, or become stuck on an action and cannot progress, there are forms to get in touch.  I am energetically holding you, supporting you and cheering you on.  The programme is designed for you to go within – we review anything that comes up for you during our final 1:1.  You got this!



Provide professional training or qualification.  This is for personal growth only.

This course is a breath of fresh air! It gave me spiritual yet practical ways of connecting with myself and Rachael's warm, open-minded manner put me instantly at ease when exploring practices I hadn't tried before.”

The modules

Week 1

Your Secret Superpower


Week 2

The Attitude of Gratitude


Week 3

The Mind


Week 4

The Body


Week 5

The Soul

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100% of the pilots would recommend it to others

Don't just take my word for it

In 2020, I completed the design and build of the programme.  I decided to offer the opportunity for 10 people to become pilots of ZenLife.  I wanted to launch the programme after having real, genuine insight and feedback from people.  I knew what I wanted people to feel and achieve. I believed in the power of the teachings, but I wanted to see how other people from different backgrounds actually felt before, during and after the 5 weeks.

I have absolutely loved doing this course - it has challenged me, made me think, introduced me to new things, nourished me and been a reason to spend some dedicated time with myself, in addition to my usual practices.


I want to say a HUGE Thank You to Rachael for all her amazingly hard work and vision in putting this unique programme together, and I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone looking for a safe space to explore and nurture their Life Path or Soul Journey.”

What you will need

Access to a computer or tablet

Access to Spotify (If you don’t have an account & don’t wish to set one up you will need access to YouTube)

A journal & pen

The Mindset to dedicate some time to yourself each day (most days 15-20 mins max, but some you’ll need more.)

An open mind and open heart

Self motivation

A space for uninterrupted quiet time when needed, to gain the most of the meditations (headphones recommended)

The Programme aims to be






*Words used to describe the programme by the course pilots in Nov 2020.


The 5 week Zen course has been an absolute game changer. Every week giving me more and more to explore. I can honestly say this course has been life changing. As well as an overall feeling of better wellbeing and happiness there have been some real specific benefits. It has changed my relationship with my Yoga practice and exercise routine that has shifted it from being a task to a routine of enjoyment.

Everything I do I now think about my “balance”. This has led to a more consistent mediation and gratitude practice, which has led to higher levels of happiness.

However, the most impactful change has been in my understanding of my purpose. I have shifted from linking this entirely to my job rather than my “being”.


This has led to much higher levels of peace, compassion and ultimately happiness. This is the start of my journey but I cannot emphasise enough the value of this course on my life.” 


Hello, and welcome to ZenLife.


I’m Rachael, founder of Eva & Alma – your guide on the path to inner peace.

Pre-2011 I was living a fast-paced life with a glamorous career, an active athlete and a social butterfly.  Following huge life changes post spinal trauma, I went on a path of deep self-healing.  Despite continuing in my career being self employed, fully booked and with fabulous clients, my soul calling became too loud.  So I gave it all up to launch Eva & Alma.  Turns out my role in this life is to support and guide special souls on the path to inner peace.


You can read more about my journey here.

I encourage you to connect to your spirituality in a way that works for YOU in a loving space.

The idea for this programme came in 2019, after reaching a certain point in my own healing, life and professional training.  I knew I had knowledge and wisdom combined to create something transformational on the path to inner peace.  I learnt that if we see wellbeing as a deeply personal journey, we find mind, body, soul balance.  Only you know where you’re out of balance.  It’s up to you to find out – that is where your power lies.  You can then take action in alignment with who you are and your own resources.

I spent months creating this programme utilising my formal training, personal healing experiences and Divine guidance.  Yes that’s right – ‘Divine guidance’.  This work is my soul calling and with a loving connection from the Divine, I move forward with trust in my open heart.  You might label that guidance as The Universe / Love / God / Source / Higher Self / Spirit / Angels / or whatever your spiritual interpretation is. 



You are an incredible soul. 


You just need to remember who you really are.

Rachael (Founder of Eva & Alma) is a certified yoga teacher, angelic reiki healer, reiki master, soul midwife, holistic and wellbeing therapist, psychotherapist, spiritual coach & leader. She works with a variety of adults to support their general health & wellbeing.  Her mission is to guide people on the path to inner peace and enlightenment. She provides holistic health services to balance the mind, body & soul using self care tools and practices. Based in Stourbridge in the UK but able to work remotely around the world.

Disclaimer: Holistic  therapy and training is not offered  as a cure or as a substitute for medical or psychological diagnosis and treatment.  The information provided on my website, expressed or implied, is for the purposes of information only; it is not given as medical advice. If you have a health problem, health question or medical emergency you are advised to consult your doctor

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