About Me - The Self Care Queen

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

Hello, I'm Rachael, a self-proclaimed Self Care Queen & founder of Eva & Alma. I am on a mission to bring inner peace into our lives using the sacred act of self care to balance the mind, body & soul.

Pre 2011, I thought I was healthy. I was an ex-athlete training and exercising daily and using the power of my mind to push through psychological and pain barriers. I was also working in a fast paced marketing role with some of the world's biggest brands. I was happy, had a great social life, a loving partner and was on the road to success. Or so I thought. Until the Universe decided it was time to kick me off the path my mind had visualised and created, and put me on the path of my destiny...

My deep self care journey and spiritual awakening began when between 2011 and 2012 I went though:

- 9 weeks of spinal trauma that wasn't medically investigated because I 'looked too well' which has left me living with a complicated neurological condition,

- 2 minor spinal ops,

- 1 mini stroke scare,

- 1 major spinal surgery,

- being signed off as medically unfit to return to my career so found myself with no income overnight, losing the career I loved and we'd just moved in to a new home,

- my emotional and mental wellbeing taking a knock, and,

- supporting my Nan (my maternal love and hero) through a tragic and traumatic death.

And that's in a nutshell!

As you can imagine, losing my career, being unemployable and having a big new mortgage put me under a huge amount of stress whilst adapting to a new life with a disability. I had to grieve for everything my old life stood for and all of my dreams. I was using Law of Attraction to achieve my dreams before I even knew what the term was. Whatever I wanted, I achieved through visualisation and action. Life was good! BUT, the mind I thought was healthy, turned out to be my biggest enemy now - I couldn't push my way through this any longer. So my deep ‘self care for healthcare’ journey began.

For 5 years following my spinal surgery, my medical teams couldn't figure out what my continued and complicated symptoms were. I spent 5 years trying to manage a condition no-one knew I had, by myself with no medical support. For 5 years I listened to myself. I tuned in to my mind, body & soul daily and I invested in myself heavily - despite losing my income. I valued myself enough to find a way. I valued myself enough to find peace in my new life. I felt worthy enough to put self care the top of my priority list.

By the time I was sent to the right medical team, I'd learnt how to manage 4 very unpleasant and complicated life-long chronic illnesses through self care and mind, body, soul balance - with no medication or medical support. Now, I'm not a holistic practitioner who is anti-medicine. In fact, I am super grateful for science and the medical world, but, I am also aware that there are times when we can avoid medication by using self care and changing our lifestyle. It's harder to do in this world and if I'm honest, more expensive, but worth the journey (if medication is meant to be your journey - no judgement here from me and there never will be. There is no right/wrong or better. It's YOUR journey). I also know that taking a holistic route along side medical support is super powerful. For me, it's not one or the other. When science and the 'unknown / natural' come together, MASSIVE healing breakthroughs occur!

I can fully stand in my power and shout from the roof tops that "I am healed". I am not cured, but healed. To me, being healed is feeling at peace and living a fulfilled and happy life - even through adversity, but also accepting that healing is a continuous cycle in life.

In 2018, Eva & Alma was born after I realised I had a mission to support and empower others to find a deep peace within, heal and listen to the callings of their own soul. Healing isn't just for those with illness - we all have healing to do. And I want to show and support people how to go within and find out just how powerful and amazing we all are! Just imagine, if someone like me can use the power of self care to manage my health and live a fulfilled life, imagine what you can do!!! It's the key to unlocking our super powers 🤣.

Oh, and I forgot. In the middle of my own health and wellness journey the Universe showed me the soul calling I never saw coming...

...after my Nan died I decided to volunteer at my local Hospice (she died peacefully in Hospice) as a 'thank you' to them for their love and care. I made tea for patients and supported families during difficult times. I found it really natural. In 2016, a patient suggested I train as a Soul Midwife (end-of-life therapist) and despite running a full and fulfilling marketing business, something deep inside of me knew I had to go for it. My Soul literally screamed at me. And with a nudge from the Universe, I was catapulted onto my path.

I now dedicate my life to supporting people to find peace in life and at death with Eva & Alma.

Eva & Alma's online shop sells a range of 'Sacred Self Care Kits' and other soulful goodies designed to aid the wellness journey for you or a loved one. Services include teaching Restorative & Zen Yoga, Meditation, Psychotherapy, Reiki amongst other healing therapies at The Soul Sanctuary along with international healing retreats.