About Me - The Self Care Queen

Updated: Dec 23, 2020

Hello, I'm Rachael, a self-proclaimed Self Care Queen & founder of Eva & Alma. I am on a mission to bring inner peace into our lives using the sacred act of self care to balance the mind, body & soul.

Hi, my name is Rachael Field. I am your guide on the path to inner peace. I teach and support special souls how to develop and use self care tools to balance the mind, body & soul. This balance is what creates a sense of total wellbeing and a sense of inner peace.

Pre 2011, I thought I was healthy. I was an ex-athlete training and exercising daily and using the power of my mind to push through psychological and physical pain barriers. I was also working in a fast paced marketing role with some of the world's biggest brands. I was happy, had a great social life, a loving partner and was on the road to success. Or so I thought. Until the Universe decided it was time to kick me off the path my mind had visualised and created, and put me on the path of my destiny...

My own deep self care journey and spiritual awakening began when between 2011 and 2012 I went though:

- 9 weeks of spinal trauma that wasn't medically investigated because I 'looked too well'. This has left me living with a complicated neurological condition,

- 2 minor spinal ops,

- 1 mini stroke scare,

- 1 major spinal surgery,

- being signed off as medically unfit to return to my career. I found myself with no income overnight, losing the career I loved and we'd just moved into a new home,