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Reclaim Your Inner Calm: Free 12-Minute Meditation for Exhausted Empathetic Leaders

Feeling drained from guiding others and being the beacon of light for those around you? I totally get it, that's why I've got something special just for you - a little oasis of calm in the chaos of your busy life, to bring you back to centre and connect you with the energy of serenity.

Hey beautiful soul

Sign up now for this complimentary 12-minute guided meditation crafted specifically for energetically exhausted empathetic leaders like you. 


Here's What's Waiting for You:

Be guided to a peaceful sanctuary within yourself after a long day of leading and caring about others.


It's time to recharge your batteries and find your centre. Kick off your shoes, find a comfortable place to sit or lie down, take a deep breath, and let go of the weight you are carrying on your shoulders. This meditation is all about gentle self-care and giving yourself the TLC you deserve. 

Whether you need a boost to start your day, a wind-down ritual for the evening, or a little zen before a big meeting, making a powerful decision or a challenging conversation, this meditation will anchor you into your inner calm and help you face whatever comes your way with confidence.

Why You Deserve This: 

  • Because taking care of yourself isn't selfish—it's essential for someone like you. 

  • Because you carry so much responsibility, you need to find ways to rest & restore.

  • Because you matter.  Your wellbeing matters. You are a shining light in this world and you need tools to support YOU to support others.


Feel the stress melt away as you sink into a state of peace and tranquillity. This is your time to recharge, rejuvenate, and reconnect with yourself.

How It Works:

Sign Up: Just click the button below, and I'll send you instant access to this beautiful meditation. You will also receive an email from me with a link to download your meditation so you have access to it whenever you need it. 

Find a cozy spot, hit play, and let the magic happen.

Hi, I'm Rachael

A wellbeing & Spiritual Life Coach, Yoga Master and Death Doula (former corporate marketeer & fellow empathetic leader like you!).  After life-changing challenges turned my life upside down, to became clear to me that guiding amazing souls like you, to reclaim their inner calm & peace in this busy, fast-paced modern world is my life mission.

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