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Empathetic leader, it is your turn to be held

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A leader is an energy and  not necessarily a status.

You already know if you have natural leader energy.  Whether you run your own business, teach others, are a CEO or a matriarch.


your title is not a reflection of your inner leadership qualities.

You are the lighthouse in your world. For your family, your friends, sometimes even strangers. People can talk to you really openly, and you hold incredible space for them. And you do it so naturally. You know that this is what you are here to do and you don’t want to stop doing it. 


But, in balance, you also know that you need to look after yourself within that holding because you know you are on your way to exhaustion, or may already be there, both internally and externally. 


Because being a leader in your world can be heavy when you don’t have a safe space where YOU can be held. Where YOU can step out of your leadership shoes and into a space that feels safe for YOU to be vulnerable. And open. Just as people are with you.


Leaders need to be held too.

It is important for you to know how to rest internally, amidst the chaos that the external world may be presenting. 


When you are holding it together for everyone else, whether that is leading at work, in your business, in your homelife, it is easy to put on a mask of ‘everything is ok.’ 


And everyone else thinks the same “Oh she is strong, she is ok” because they are used to you being the one that holds everyone else.

Yet underneath that leadership facade, you can feel disconnected from yourself. Feeling like you need to be strong for everyone else without really giving yourself that same respect from the inside out and this is often because there isn’t a space for you to be held, to be vulnerable, to remove the armor and melt into peace within yourself. 

And people around you don’t know that you are struggling, that you are tired, that you also want somewhere to talk. When you are the lighthouse for others, people can forget to ask how you are because they are not used to taking that role within the relationship.

Stressed Woman

How does this show up in your life for you?

  • Self frustration 

  • Disconnection from all parts of you

  • Disliking your body

  • Health challenges - especially chronic aches & pains

  • Moving your body for punishment not celebration 

  • Punishing yourself with your diet and exercise regime instead of listening to what the body actually needs and nourishing it 

  • Avoiding the inner reflection and instead filling the intellectual mind with all the books, podcasts, courses - craving more and more knowledge instead of pausing and listening to the wisdom within

  • Feeling tired, both physically, mentally and energetically


Life has thrown you some lemons…a few crates full perhaps…yet amongst the brown stuff hitting the fan, you have always consciously chosen the path of growth.


You will always do what you believe is the right thing, even against the backdrop of chaos, and that is why you feel so exhausted. Because it is what is now expected. People expect you to be the bigger person all of the time and that expectation to be strong, to be supportive, to be there for everyone else can leave you feeling like you have nowhere to go. This is really common amongst powerful soulful leaders, but it is important for you to have somewhere to go. To be held. To be supported. That is what I have created for you inside The Serenity Experience and The Reawakening.  So whatever level of support you need, know that I am here to hold you.


Mind, Body, Soul connection

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Part of my role here is to help get you out of your head and into your body so that you can really find that inner peace and that confidence from the wisdom that is already within you. Reconnecting to yourself is the biggest gift you can give yourself.


Your body is here to support and hold you through this life and it is time to tune into the wisdom and time to stop punishing it. 

Bringing you into a space of peace...

And not in the way you make think

There is a misconception of peace and what it really means. Peace is not about floating through life without any hurdles or challenges. Life is life and we are here to live it. To feel it. The good and the bad. Peace is actually about being in a balanced energy that allows you to feel life and move through it with real intention, trust and an inner knowing that all is going to work out exactly as it is meant to. 

There is a miss-understanding that peaceful = happiness.  These are two different states.  Happiness depends on external conditions being perceived as positive.  Inner peace does not.

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I desire for you to feel POWERFULLY PEACEFUL. Where you really get to stand in your leadership from a gentle, compassionate and balanced place. Because when you can step in to this space, truly step into yourself in this space, you can still show up as the lighthouse, as the powerful soul that you are, but from a place that is grounded.

Powerfully Peaceful

Image by Darius Bashar


I invite you, just for a second, to close down your eyes, place your hand on your heart and breathe in the words POWERFULLY PEACEFUL and see how that makes you feel. 

Powerfully Peaceful

As you connect to this you may know that this is what you want to feel. This is what you would choose for you. But how do you actually get to that point from where you are right now? 

You are lighthouse in your world. You have a beautiful soul that people are drawn towards. But there is a part of you that knows you are not fully in balance. You want more harmony, you want more balance, you want to feel less tired, less lost in who you are. But in this acknowledgment you also have a twinge of weakness that floods your body. Almost like a “I can’t admit I need support” feeling that stops you. But I want you to know that asking for support is not a sign of weakness, it is a sign of power.

To me, powerfully peaceful is about connecting to the energy of serenity.


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Leaders need to be held too. It is safe to allow that into your life.

I want you to know that you are not lost. You are exactly where you need to be. It’s just time for you to go to the next level of growth and it’s time to power up to that next level. I want you to know that it is time for you to be held in your power, to allow the armour to drop so you can find that inner peace that will hold you in your next phase of life, whatever that looks like for you. 


I see our journey through life as a road full of experiences. And when something changes in our life, when we move through grief or loss in some way, sometimes on that road there are branches and rocks that have fallen. Sometimes these branches can stop us and hold us there for a while as we process the change. And then one day, that inner power returns and it is time to move the rocks and the branches out of the way so that the road can be clearly seen again. 


My role here is to be a supportive guide, to cheerlead and to hold you as you move the branches and rocks out of the way. Holding your powerful energy and guiding you on how you move into inner peace so you can show up as the lighthouse in your life and once the path is cleared, we walk together, never knowing what is going to come up again but we get to navigate it together. 


The work starts after the storm has passed.
And that inner drive has woken to start walking the path again.

I want you to know that I can hold your powerful energy and that you get to be supported and vulnerable in a safe, private space.

White Sand and Stone

So the question really is...

Are you ready to feel an internal energy shift that uplifts your leadership in the most beautiful and powerful way, bringing your whole self into inner peace, really understanding what that actually means to you and fully trusting the journey?

are you ready to be supported, to be held, to allow your armour to drop so you can continue to lead in the way you know you are here to do, in the way you are right now, but with more love for yourself as the source of that leadership?

Are you ready to lead with your intuition because you have learnt how to fully trust yourself, freeing yourself of what has stopped you up until now and allowing yourself the space to be held as you hold others?


Are you ready to reconnect to your mind and body so deeply, in a way that allows you to actually love, accept and have gratitude for the body you are here walking this journey in? 

Are you ready to reconnect back  to a fulfilled, balanced life that supports your energy, not exhausts it?


Are you ready to improve your overall wellbeing without the need for restrictive diets and gruelling exercise regimes, and if you live with pain, finding peace within that pain?


The experiences I have created for you will lighten your leadership, enabling you to continue to lead but with more love and compassion for yourself. Bringing peace to your mind, body and soul.


Make friends with your mind
Reconnect to your body 
Free your soul


There are two ways we can do this together

The Serenity Experience.png

The Serenity Experience

A 6 month online experience for empathetic female leaders who want to reconnect to themselves, find self compassion, inner calm & self discovery. ​

This experience is a blissful blend of private sessions, group mentoring, group Restorative relaxation sessions, fun & gentle intuitive movement, energy healing, my unique mind, body, soul balance programme, a pre-recorded library of workshops & serenity sessions, plus a luxury full day retreat.


This is not a training course, when you join you will get a 40 minute 1:1 session with me where we will explore your lifestyle and energy levels and from here I will guide you where to start inside the programme so that you have clarity on how to make this work for you and your circumstances. 

In this space you will be held in a safe, intimate space with other empathetic leaders who are walking the same path, but on their own journey. This is an incredibly supportive and safe space. A space where you can take off your armor and just be you. Without condition. Without any requirement to be something else.  This is about you being the best person for yourself. No one else.


This is an incredibly intimate space with a maximum of 11 people, where you will be seen and heard.


if you know you want to  go deeper with bespoke 1:1 support

The definition of reawakening is to “emerge”. The Reawakening Experience is about you remembering WHO you are, transforming you on a personal level and shifting your mindset and energetic consciousness, supporting you in your leadership and what you are here to do.


It is safe for you to release the armour & be guided.
Let me hold you as you hold others.

I see you.

I can see how tired you are. Always the light house for others but not for  


Tired because the World has taught you that you have to be in ‘push’ and ‘punishment’ energy to be a female leader

Tired because you have been through so much and no one is there to hold you 

Tired because of loss in your life, significant changes

Tired because you don’t know what rest actually looks like to you 

Tired because you have physical aches & pains. Pain that has emerged on your journey and there is no more medical support on offer


This is not about taking “stuff” off the to do list. This is about an internal energy shift that changes how you lead yourself in your life. 


Right now you may be doing some spiritual practices but you may not be going deep into what your spiritual truth is. It may feel surface level, intellectually you have the knowledge of what to do but you are not feeling any shift. The embodiment piece is missing which is what enables you to go to that deeper depth. Perhaps the busy mind is keeping you in the logic or your body is protecting you from going deeper.  Throughout The Serenity Experience and The Reawakening we bring your body back on board and wake up your soul to allow your mind to quieten down which will bring a new depth, and truth, the practices that feel good to you.

When you come into peace the energy within shifts. External stuff can still be going on around you but you are holding yourself in a different way because of the serenity you feel within. 


What is the true impact of this work?

Buddha Statue

My desire for you is that you have such a deep connection to who you are - your mind, your body and your soul, finding peace within which enables you to be the lighthouse in your world without getting exhausted. 

This is about tuning into WHO you are. This is not about doing anything else, it is about who you are BEing in your life. You are already incredible. You are already powerful. You are already in your leadership. This is about tuning even deeper into yourself so you can still be all you are, but without the exhaustion.


And you get to do it with privacy

Amongst this desire to be held you also know that you want it to be private. You don’t want people to know that you are doing this work and you want a safe, private, intimate space where you get to be vulnerable, open and really real. You may have struggled to find a coaching space that allows this and feel frustrated with yourself that the coaching models you have tried just haven’t worked for you because of this lack of intimacy, privacy and a lack of personalisation.

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When your external world changes but your internal world doesn’t 

You have likely had a big life change which has been the catalyst to doing this work. A loss of some kind that you are grieving, and this doesn’t always mean the loss of a person, it can be the loss of a relationship, life-changing health challenges, the loss of a part of you, the loss of a part of your life.  There is a realisation that it is time for you now. 

It’s time for you to be held. To be supported. So you can truly be the lighthouse you were born to be.


Meet your Mentor


Hello beautiful soul! I’m Rachael, your Serenity Embodiment Mentor & Spiritual Coach

I help spiritually curious women create 'heaven on earth, by unlocking inner calm, finding balance & self mastery so they can step into their divine & powerful self to make impact in their world and the world around them.

Pre-2011 I was living a fast-paced life with a glamorous career, an active athlete and a social butterfly.  Following huge life changes,I went on a path of deep self-healing.  


Since then I have become a certified Soul Midwife (end of life therapist), Yoga Master, Meditation Teacher, Quantum Healer, Angelic Reiki Master, Psychotherapist & Spiritual Leader.


I am soooo excited you’re here!  I know first-hand how magical the journey to serenity & self discovery can be when you commit to doing the inner work.

I’m a sun loving heat seeker who is a sukker for a fur baby!  I speak Spanish and run retreats there every year - I love the food, the culture & the openly loving nature of the people. I plan to build a retreat centre over there one day in the future.


I love exploring the world as much as I can - my hubby calls me Dora the Explorer! Sunsets make me cry, I can swim better than I can walk & I love hard. 

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Serenity to me is the ‘embodiment’ of inner peace and compassion.  The ability to still feel hope even if life has thrown a big fat lemon.  An inner trust that I’m going to be ok.  To live life peacefully with no regrets (even when things don’t go the way you have envisaged).  To reach my own death bed knowing I came here to love, live and connect.

What about you?

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