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Welcome to a world of self-discovery and growth as you journey on the path to inner peace.  In life & at the end.

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Explore self-development tools & programmes to balance the mind, body & soul

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Discover what inner peace & complete wellbeing feels like for you

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A place where you uncover the importance of the mind body connection for inner harmony & optimum health

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A place to contemplate life & death on the path to inner peace with trainings, education & transformational growth


Your Mentor, Guide & Coach on the path to inner peace.

Working with me will create a loving balance in your life.

It will look and feel personal to you, full of love and empowering as you continue your journey.

I work with special souls like you who are highly focused & hard working. You have a lot of responsibility in your life and don't need motivation to keep going - you already have that in abundance.  You need someone to guide you to a more balanced way of being whilst you continue with your Life mission. I am here to support and guide you to this.





This award winning training was created by the Soul Midwives School to improve the standards of care at end of life. I am trained to teach this workshop to individuals caring for loved ones, thinking of training further, or healthcare workers CPD.


I offer FREE, no obligation 30min alignment calls. During the call I ask you to explore exactly what you want on the path (if you don’t consciously know that’s no problem.  It will become clear on the call).  I can then guide you to different services that can support you further. If I am not the right guide for you, I might know someone who is and can refer you on. It's important to me I work with people who are ready and committed to invest in themselves and who are aligned to my way of working.  We explore this on the call together!

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This was one of the most interesting and meaningful courses that I have ever taken. It was absolutely outstanding. I shall use all the knowledge I gained yesterday through my work and on a personal basis.


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Let me be your guide

Are you waking up to yourself emotionally and want to go deeper?


"I can honestly say this course has been life changing. As well as an overall feeling of better wellbeing and happiness there have been some real specific benefits. This is the start of my journey but I cannot emphasise enough the value this has had on my life." 


"I don't think I have ever felt so relaxed during a treatment.  Rachael makes you feel so comfortable and protected throughout. The healing I felt was so profound it's actually taken me most of the week to process it, what a wonderful gifted Healer Rachael is and I would without a doubt recommend."  


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