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Find peace & serenity in any storm

Without leaving your home to sit on a mountain top for days or ditching your responsibilities.

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The experience is not for you if you...

  • are not ready to make space in your life for you

  • are looking to be ‘fixed’ or rescued

  • aren’t ready to take radical responsibility for your life journey and have a complete inability to flow when things aren’t rigidly structured

  • are terrified of silence

  • want an experience filled with constant distractions, big groups, tons of reading and intellectualising the journey instead of feeling into the energy and embodying serenity.

  • need someone to hold your hand throughout and consistently motivate you to take action (unless you want private support upgrades which are available)

  • struggle with the technology involved with online sessions and programmes.

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But you're in the right place if you're...

Ready & motivated to create space in your life to sit with yourself, study your uniqueness and take positive action for change


Ready to EMBODY the energy of serenity, not just read about it in a self help book or tick a list


Looking for a peaceful, balanced life


Ready to leave the ‘no pain no gain’ brigade behind and find more compassionate balance


Open to explore spiritual teachings


Ready to stop wearing stress as a badge of honour


Ready to start the inner work

rachael field founder of Eva & Alma

Can you imagine what it would be like when...

You are able to live a full and thriving life in a calm & serene energy

You are no longer afraid of the more challenging emotions & states like sadness and grief.  Allowing them to flow through you with peace in your heart instead of suppressing them through fear

You’re able to sleep deeper and wake more invigorated

You are able to live each day with gratitude in your heart, regardless of the external scenarios playing out in your life


You’re able to get involved in relaxing & enriching experiences without having to leave your home

You learn to make friends with your mind and love your beautiful body

You learn how to create a peaceful & compassionate lifestyle that is unique to you

You are able to shift your health goals from tasks to enjoyment

You realise your ‘being’ is more than enough.


I know what you’re thinking... 

“I would love to feel this peaceful, but my life is in chaos.  I’ll wait until things fall into place / change my career / my kids have flown the nest / I have a dedicated room at home”

It’s not your fault you think this way.



There is a perception that serene, peaceful living involves sitting on a mountain top alone meditating for days on end with no responsibilities or challenges.


That your mood is happy and vibrant constantly and you float through life.

This is not true.

You’re mixing up happiness

& perfection with inner peace.  

Happiness depends on your external conditions being ‘perceived’ as positive.  Inner peace does not.

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I used to be where you are now...

When my life was turned upside down following spinal trauma and the life-changes that followed, I wondered how I would ever feel truly peaceful again.  


I spent the first few years after the events that created my ‘perfect storm’ searching for happiness. My storm was filled with losses.  Loss of physical fitness & independence.  Loss of my job and financial security.  Loss of friends and social circles. Loss of future family dreams. The loss of my Nan who I had a really close bond with. Loss of my identity! I had gone from a fiercely independent woman who dreamed big and believed she could do anything she put her mind to, to a woman who had lost so much, was managing a diagnosis of incurable chronic illness & invisible disability.  Her future looked pretty scary and her world had become very small. 


My grief game was strong. I was lost.


I started searching for happiness & answers in others.  It was a good start, but my own powerful changes came when I started really listening to myself, slowing down, trusting myself again and dedicating my life to taking care of myself in a different way.  I very quickly realised I had been living a life out of balance.  I was leading with my mind and only listened to my intuition when it screamed at me.  I was always ‘pushing’ forward, ploughing through.  Despite all of the amazing things I was doing in my life, I was not allowing constructive rest of the mind & body.  And my spirituality was in the closet with the door slightly cracked.


I began to awaken to myself. I started to find happiness in new ways of being, but I still felt a sense of dis-harmony within. My life was still not ‘perfect’, there was still adversity, constant challenges, physical limitations and financial restrictions.  I was trying to ‘push through’ the adversity - fix it even, constantly look for happiness and dwell on things when they weren’t perfect.


Then I had my spiritual awakening and during that time, I was shown ‘why’ I am here and how I had ignored a big part of who I truly am.  I began to explore what inner peace actually meant and upleveled my own inner work. 


And then it hit me.


By moving into a level of acceptance, allowing even more self compassion, finding power in slowing down and knowing when to take action, I had found inner peace.  That did not mean my external world was peaceful or free from challenges, heartbreak or stress.  It meant I had found a way to embody the energy of inner peace - even in chaos and staying present in it. I now see what happened as a gift that gave me growth, forced me to find out who I am and helped me grow into my authentic, powerful self.

It was time for me to go within.


Once I had mastered my own embodiment of finding peace in chaos, I began studying how to support others to also embody this serene way of living, regardless of their external environment.  I became a Soul midwife (I support the dying to find peace before they die), Yoga Master, Psychotherapist, Energy Healer and Spiritual Leader.  This led me to begin creating impactful memberships and programmes on the path to inner peace to create a better world for all.

I am not the modern day yoga teacher you see, nor am I a traditional coach.  This programme reflects my ability to bridge therapeutic styles with coaching skills, along with spiritual teachings and energetic movement of yoga and Quantum flow. This enables me to guide you to your own inner light.

By deeply exploring myself, using a range of self care tools and making them personal to me, believing in myself whilst upping my self compassion, finding balance and allowing stillness, I now thrive rather than ‘survive’. I now live fully rather than wait for perfection.


Do you want the same?

This course was the most programme use of my time this year. I have taken away learnings about myself and it has made me more curious to keep exploring. Life changing.


The gift of you & the Serenity Experience is invaluable.  My sleep has dramatically improved, the relationships around me have flourished, I feel so calm and peaceful.  My life feels less stressful. I will never be able to thank you enough.


To practice through the month, all in the comfort of your own home


The Serenity Pyramid Formula


Allow me to share with you the exact formula that helped me embody serenity whilst working my way through adversity and complex challenges...

You need to create an energy & mindset shift in the way that you have been thinking about yourself, your capacity to allow rest, to go with the flow, the value of stillness, to let go of perfection and increase compassion.


(Let’s be honest here you beautiful soul... If you already lived a calm & serene life, your inner world would already be where you want it to be)


It is this magical formula that will take your inner state to bliss and harmony, but…

I offer you space to relax, be still and listen to your inner self whilst going on a journey of finding balance.  

The formula is connected by the range of self care tools available to you within the experience, within you and ideas to explore further based on your own, bespoke needs.  You are unique so your journey to serenity will be unique - this is not a one-size fits all formula

The formula came to me in 2017, after reaching a certain point in my own healing, life and professional training.  I knew I had knowledge and wisdom combined to create something transformational on the path to inner peace. 


I learnt that if we see wellbeing as a deeply personal journey, we find mind, body, soul balance.  Only you know where you’re out of balance.  It’s up to you to find out – that is where your power lies.  You can then take action in alignment with who you are and your own resources

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The Serenity Experience


A 3 month online transformational experience for busy or stressed out female leaders who want to slow down, find self compassion, inner calm & self discovery. 


This experience is a blissful blend of private sessions, group mentoring, group Restorative relaxation sessions, fun & gentle intuitive movement, energy healing, my unique mind, body, soul balance programme, a pre-recorded library of workshops & serenity sessions, plus a luxury full day retreat.



Here's what the experience looks like...

The Serenity Sessions


  • 1 live group Restorative Relaxation & 1 intuitive movement session per month*

  • 1 private mentoring session per month

  • Intimate (no more than 10) group Voxer access


  • The PEACE RETREAT (A full day face to face retreat - the only time I will invite you to leave your home)

  • Pre-recorded library of themed Serenity Sessions and my full Chakra Dr workshop.

Your Secret Super Power

  • Discover the difference between happiness & inner peace

  • Mudras, affirmations & Solfeggio frequency prescriptions

  • Self Care tools for the journey & when it becomes a sacred practice

  • The Healing Breath; The power of the breath & how to use it on the daily

Your Daily Vitamin G

  • We explore what is the ‘attitude of gratitude’?

  • Learn about the power of choice for inner peace & acceptance

  • Emotional Fitness

  • Gentle yoga sequence to connect to the energy of gratitude


Your Mind, Your Friend

  • We explore the ego v’s the soul

  • The healing powers of the mind


  • Meditations, journal exercises & mindset work to uncover blocks on your path

  • The mind body connection and how it affects our health & happiness

Your Body, Your Home

  • Learn how to nourish not punish your beautiful body


  • Coming back to love & gratitude for your ‘home’


  • The magical body concept

  • Movement for celebration

Free Your


  • Soul wounds & the effects on health


  • Past life influences


  • Your soul mission & purpose

  • We dip our toes in the water around acceptance of death


I created this experience utilising my formal training and personal healing experiences over the past 10 years.  I share deeply personal examples in the training where I've used tools to accelerate my own journey and how you can adapt them to your own unique path. 

Using the power of self care to balance the mind, body & soul is a life changing and powerful way to improve and maintain general wellbeing. Balance & self compassion is at the forefront of this experience.


This course is a breath of fresh air! It gave me spiritual yet practical ways of connecting with myself and Rachael's warm, open-minded manner put me instantly at ease when exploring practices I hadn't tried before

After 15 years living with pain from Grade 4 Endometriosis, I am pain free! My severe sleep apnea is now 'mild' and I've reversed my Diabetes since joining the Experience! I have loved every single minute.  Life-changing!




"Such an amazing course! I learned so much about myself. Some weeks were tougher than others, simply because it was an area I needed to work through more, but the feeling I have now and the new approach I take to everyday challenges is so much better. Thought is much clearer, actions are much calmer. I use the techniques everyday and feel so much benefit from practicing them. I always thought I was a positive person but this has taken me up a level. 

Everything I do I now think about my “balance”. This has led to a more consistent mediation and gratitude practice which has led to higher levels of happiness.

However, the most impactful change has been in my understanding of my purpose. I have shifted from linking this entirely to my job rather than my “being”. This has led to much higher levels of peace, compassion and ultimately happiness. This is the start of my journey but I cannot emphasise enough the value of this course on my life



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Meet your Mentor


I help spiritually curious women create 'heaven on earth, by slowing down, finding balance & self discovery so that they can step into their divine & powerful self to make impact in their world and the world around them.

Pre-2011 I was living a fast-paced life with a glamorous career, an active athlete and a social butterfly.  Following huge life changes,I went on a path of deep self-healing.  


Since then I have become a certified Soul Midwife (end of life therapist), Yoga Master, Meditation Teacher, Quantum Healer, Angelic Reiki Master, Psychotherapist & Spiritual Leader.


I am soooo excited you’re here!  I know first-hand how magical the journey to serenity & self discovery can be when you commit to doing the inner work.

I’m a sun loving heat seeker who is a sukker for a fur baby!  I speak Spanish and run retreats there every year - I love the food, the culture & the openly loving nature of the people. I plan to build a retreat centre over there one day in the future.


I love exploring the world as much as I can - my hubby calls me Dora the Explorer! Sunsets make me cry, I can swim better than I can walk & I love hard. 

Hello beautiful soul! I’m Rachael, your Serenity Mentor

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Spiritual Icon.png

Serenity to me is the ‘embodiment’ of inner peace and compassion.  The ability to still feel hope even if life has thrown a big fat lemon.  An inner trust that I’m going to be ok.  To live life peacefully with no regrets (even when things don’t go the way you have envisaged).  To reach my own death bed knowing I came here to love, live and connect.

What about you?

I slept SO well. I monitor my sleep and last night was my 1st ever ‘good’ sleep - rated 83%. I’ve never had a good sleep in all the time I’ve been monitoring it - 5+ years! So a huge thank you to you and the energies which enhanced that for me.

Thank you so much for all you time & energy - so much to learn, open up to & digest

I have absolutely loved doing this programme - it has challenged me, made me think, introduced me to new things, nourished me and been a reason to spend some dedicated time with myself, in addition to my usual practices.



White Sand and Stone

It’s never been a better time to go inward, find balance & step into serenity...

Life is a wild ride.  It’s life.  Right now, we need more balance than ever during collective challenging times.  Change, adversity and challenges DO NOT have to mean pain & constant turbulence.

Let me ask you, if your life stayed exactly the same, would you feel at peace? 

Place your hands on your heart and ask yourself right now “Am I peaceful? Am I full of compassion?”

Your next step to creating serenity & compassion in your life is here...


What you get in the experience...

I am so passionate about the power of allowing yourself to slow down to create a balanced and powerfully serene life. In a busy modern world that promotes wearing stress as a badge of honour, we are becoming out of balance and alignment to who we truly are.  

It’s a myth that living a balanced and serene life means never taking action, letting go of responsibilities and becoming ‘flakey’. 




That is not a balanced way to be either.  

Rest, compassion, trust & action = Balance

Balance = Serenity 

Every single tool I am using to teach and share with you are ones I use myself.  They are so powerful for me, that this way of living allows me to thrive whilst living with complex health challenges following spinal trauma. If I can use these tools myself to thrive in adversity - imagine what YOU can do!

That energy of serenity and inner peace ripples outward to everyone around you.  Not only do you feel gently powerful, you create impact in the world by just ‘being’.

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1 private Zoom session with Rachael per month for 3 months

Access to an intimate (no more than 10 people) group Voxer for daily connection for 3 months

1 live online group Intuitive Movement session per month for 3 months

1 live online group Restorative Relaxation session per month for 3 months.

1 live online group Coaching session per month for 3 months.

Invitation to an in-person luxury day retreat*

1 live online group chakra balance & Angelic Reiki healing

Access to the online self study 5 week ZenLife programme

A further 3 month access to all recordings with a personal prescription for you to embody on your own (making this experience a 6 month journey in total).

Access to online library of Serenity Sessions of relaxation, yoga, meditation, breathwork, workshop videos




Pre-recorded online 6 week Beginners Yoga programme ‘More Than Asana’ with BONUS modifications workshop

Luxury Serenity welcome pack

Access to my pre-recorded TLC end of life skills workshop




Embodying inner peace & serenity, finding peace in any storm, unlocking inner calm, improving relationships with yourself and others,  reaching emotional & spiritual freedom!


*The in-person retreat day may fall outside of your 3 month access but will be within 12 months from the start of your membership.




But you don't pay that

Pay in full

Save over £500 by paying in full today!




Pay in easy


Pay only £500 to get access,

and then 5 monthly payments of £400


PayNow button

Do you want to go deeper?

If you'd like to spend 9 months with me and go deeper into your healing & transformation, I offer 'The Reawakening'.  A journey for leaders who wish to unlock a deeper level of self mastery to create more heart-centred powerful impact in this world without burnout or losing themselves in the process.

You will get access to the 3 month experience outlined above for 9** months plus...



9 months Serenity Experience

Private Voxer contact with me during the duration of your experience as your personal Coach & Mentor.

Invite to my 3 night group retreat in March or November 2022

Private retreat day in the UK or Spain.







** We pause for August and September every year.


Pay in full

Save £700 by paying in full today!




Pay in easy


Pay £1,197 to get access, and

then 8 monthly payments of £1,197


I am not sure if this programme is for me and have questions. Can I speak to someone?

You are more than welcome to book a free 30 minute Zoom chat with Rachael. She will be able to help you make a final empowering 'yes' or 'no' decision once we have gone through her 7 step alignment process to ensure this programme meets your needs. No pushy sales.  

To request a free call, visit the 'Book Now' section on my website and you'll find an option to book a free call.  I look forward to speaking to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Pay in full

Save over £400 by paying in full today!




Pay in easy


Pay only £500 to get access,

and then 5 monthly payments of £400


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