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Wellbeing Escapes; Finca Hotel Rural Es Turo, Ses Salines, Mallorca

In January 2023 I had my first birthday celebration without my Husband after 18 years. I decided I needed beauty, relaxation, cosy spaces and luxury nature. So I headed off to my beloved Mallorca for a wellbeing escape and to create happy memories...

Upon arrival to the Hotel Rural Es Turo I noticed a very warm and mysterious welcome. As I turned off a remote countryside road, there were some beautiful amber lit lamps sat on a typical rustic Mallorcan wall. I am a big fan of amber lighting as it feels inviting, comforting and the same relaxing vibe as a lit candle. The lamps looked Art Deco and I had a real sense of luxury as I drove up the long and narrow driveway. Halfway up the driveway, there were some white birdcage seats hanging from a very old tree. I imagined lounging in these seats during a summer evening reading a book, surrounded by the countryside amongst the soft amber lighting. I was already hooked. I felt my breath steady further as I relaxed into my trip.

I parked up and entered the hotel through a rustic gate. The walk up to the reception was so inviting - lit candles and amber lamps everywhere throughout the courtyard. A picture perfect setting in the Mallorcan countryside.

I was kindly greeted by Alejandro who showed me where my apartment was. I wasn't staying in the main hotel grounds where the restaurant and spa were. I was staying in an incredible one bedroom apartment in another building with it's own pool and undisrupted views across the countryside right out to the ocean.

To reach the apartment I drove through secure gates about two minutes away. There are bikes available to use throughout your stay to travel from the apartment up to the main hotel.

The apartment had original wooden floors throughout, very high ceilings, lots of space, luxurious Mallorcan decor, a huge kitchen and dining area, a living area, large bedroom with a four-poster bed, large bathroom with a double shower and a huge, deep bath. I also had my own patio with outdoor dining facilities and sun loungers. I relaxed as soon as I arrived.

As part of my wellbeing adventure in Mallorca, I decided to experience the rose bath option from the Spa. A team came into my apartment whilst I was out, filled my bath with salts, fresh rose petals and candles. When I arrived back I jumped straight into the bath which was so big I was able to lie down fully immersed (I am almost 6 foot!). On the side of the bath there was also a large plate of fresh strawberries and a bowl of luxury chocolates. The package also comes with a bottle of Cava, but as I do not drink alcohol, I was treated to 2 'Nojito' mocktails instead. I stayed in the bath for around 3 hours, meditated with the rose essence and felt amazing when I came out. I went straight to bed for an early night.

The food and drink was fresh and abundant. I ate breakfast in the hotel each morning and filled up on tostadas, fresh fruit, omelette and a selection of fresh pastries. Freshly squeezed orange juice and tea completed my feast. I ate at the hotel in the evening for a couple of nights then ventured to try out their other restaurants. Although the menus appear to be the same, each restaurant has a menu variation. I did not eat the same meal twice and every meal was delicious. They offer a selection of Tapas, salads, fresh fish, pastas and grilled meat dishes. There is also a Paella option for two people.

The Hotel is owned by the Cassai family who also have an interiors store and restaurant in Ses Salines, two Villas to rent and a Beach House restaurant on the coast. Whilst I was there, I visited both restaurants and lusted after all of the luxury interiors and art available to purchase from their store (Mallorca holiday home on my Manifestation list please). There was a similar creative, relaxed vibe throughout, with my favourite green colour represented in all places. Colours play a big part in wellbeing and their signature green connects me to my favourite colour and memories of my Nan growing up. A comfort I need right now as I navigate a life storm.

I stayed in total 5 nights at the Hotel and left feeling refreshed. I will return in the Summer when the island is in full swing.

To find out more, you can visit

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