10 Ways to create rest each day for just 5 minutes

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

Busy & overwhelmed right now? Your usual self care routine falling to the side? Instead of seeing self care as a huge thing to add to your overflowing 'todo' list, why not break it into 5min chunks of dedicated and focused time to relax. Every little helps right?

⭐️ Set your timer if you need to, but pop your phone on 'do not disturb' for just 5 minutes (longer if you can of course!). Shut yourself away, take a comfortable seat and close your eyes. begin to focus on your breath, noticing the inhales and the exhales. Focus on the flow of air going in and out of your body. Count the breath in and out.

⭐️ Take a foot soak. Add some warm water to a bowl - you can make it really special by adding your favourite essential oil, some flower petals, dead sea salt, crystals. Sit back, close your eyes and relax - again for as little or as long as you can.

⭐️ Take a guided meditation. There are many apps available that include guided meditations depending on your intentions. YouTube also has a mountain of free ones. There are also lots of wellbeing practitioners like me who have regular live meditation sessions. Mix it up if you can or want to 😊️

⭐️ Acknowledge you're