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Instant FREE downloadable guide to supporting someone to die at home surrounded by love, comfort and a touch of personalisation.


In your download i'll share with you:

End of Life - Dark Green.png
End of Life - Dark Green.png
End of Life - Dark Green.png
End of Life - Dark Green.png

17 tips to ensure your dying loved one is comfortable

The importance of taking care of you.

How to keep visitors quietly present

The biggest gift you can give a loved one before they die.


meet your host


Hi, I'm Rachael, I've been emotionally, holistically & spiritually supporting the dying since 2013 following the death of my Nan and a very difficult experience.  If I knew then what I know now, I am certain my Nan's journey would have been more peaceful for her, and us as a family.


I became a certified professional Soul Midwife (end of life Doula) in 2016 and have had the pleasure of representing the movement on the Spiritual Care team at my local Hospice.  In 2020 I was hired by Public Health to support and teach local care workers how to be more present with the dying and personalise the experience - removing trauma from a difficult period during the pandemic.


I am so passionate about this work and would love more people to embrace the power of death acceptance to be able to support their own family, loved ones or community.  This reduces over-reliance on an over-stretched healthcare system and can reduce the pain of death and see beyond the fear and morbid assumptions

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