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FREE download for driven, empathetic, spiritually curious  people living with chronic illness, chronic pain, anxiety or stress.


Instant FREE downloadable guide to thriving with chronic illness and finding peace & purpose in pain.

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In your download i'll share with you:

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10 pathways to thriving whilst living with chronic illness.

The benefits of 'inner work'.

Holistic tools to support and aid your healing journey.

The difference between healing and being cured.

What you need to allow into your life to support your mental & emotional wellbeing whilst juggling complicated symptoms.


You’ll need:

A journal and pen

A desire and commitment to yourself & your journey. 

An open heart and mind

meet your host


Rachael is on a mission to guide, coach & mentor people living with the pain of chronic illness how to find peace & purpose in their storm.  Thriving instead of surviving. 

Pre-2011 Rachael was living a fast-paced life with a glamorous career, an active athlete and a social butterfly.  Following huge life changes, she went on a path of deep self-healing.  Those changes (her storm)included spinal trauma, surgeries, emotional trauma, diagnosis of chronic illness & invisible disability, loss of career, friendships, identity and also bereavement.  All in a space of 18 months. She was plunged into her dark night of the soul.


Rachael reached a point of healing where she began to thrive in adversity and also went through an extraordinary spiritual awakening. Since then she became a certified Yoga Master (900hrs), Meditation Teacher, Spiritual Healer, Angelic Reiki Master, Psychotherapist and Soul Midwife (end of life therapist where she offers her professional skills voluntarily at her local hospice). Rachael uses these tools to support special souls on their path.


She's been featured in OM Yoga magazine, spoken on BBC Radio and dedicate herself sharing my message as far as she can.


Rachael's a sun loving heat seeker who is a sukker for a fur baby!  She speaks Spanish and runs retreats there every year - She loves adventure and recently took her first flying lesson as she always wanted to fly a plane - she loves being up in the clouds.


Sunsets make her cry, she can swim better than she can walk & she loves hard. 


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