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Holistic, emotional &/or spiritual care at the end of life.

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A Soul Doula™ provides loving and gentle support to those who are preparing to make the journey for a peaceful end of life.


Death is a journey we will all embark.  A journey which can be beautiful, peaceful, dignified and full of love.

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I've been working with my local Hospice and in the community since January 2013. During that time I had the pleasure of supporting hundreds of end-of-life patients and their families.  I now train others to become certified and accredited Soul Doulas™ with my immersive 6 month training programme.


I love having the skills to comfort and bring peace to the dying and their families at such an important time in their life.  A time that most people seem not to think about, yet it is so important.

As a Soul Doula™, I offer a variety of holistic services to lovingly support someone on their end-of-life journey. I recognise and work with the individual needs of my client and ensure they feel loved and supported throughout.  It's such an honour to be able to hold a sacred space and help the dying fulfil their end-of-life wishes.  Whilst the main focus is on my dying 'friend', the work I do supports their family and loved ones too. I work with people of all ages and beliefs.



my role is to serve, not to fix or rescue.

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TLC Training

As part of my journey, I qualified as an official Soul Midwife with Felicity Warner.  I trained as a TLC teacher and have the honour of still offering TLC Training days for individuals caring for a dying loved one, professionals who care or work with the dying, or those considering Soul Doula™/Midwife training (TLC counts towards your school entry pre-qualifications).

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My Nan (my biggest hero) died at my local Hospice.  I immediately apply to volunteer and ‘pay back’ for the incredible care they gave my Nan and my family.


I begin my volunteering role as a Ward Assistant on the IPU (In Patient Unit), supporting dying patients and their families.


I enrolled at the wonderful Felicity Warner’s  Soul Midwives School and completed my formal training level's 1,2 & 'TLC' teaching certification. 


I joined my local Dying Matters committee.  We are a team of volunteers who create events and conversations in the local community around death & dying.  You can see our latest events here.


I was asked to become a Soul Midwife Mentor.  I supported newly trained Soul Midwives through their apprenticeship period and case studies to gain the full qualification.

That same year, I was asked to become an official Soul Midwife on the Spiritual Care Team at my local Hospice (Mary Stevens).


I was approached and hired by my local Public Health team, to take ‘TLC’ training into care homes during the pandemic.


I launched my own certified & accredited Soul Doula™ immersive training programme.  I now activate amazing and powerful souls to take this work further.

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“Forever grateful to you Rachael. You brought so much comfort and love into our lives recently and always knew the right things to do and say.  Thank you


The first and most powerful technique I use is to create a heart-soul connection to connect with my dying friend.

The type of work I do varies from friend to friend.  Each session is led by their wants and needs.  




How can I support?

I offer a range of support, including but not limited to:

  • Creating a Death Plan

  • Guided visualisations, creating memories to leave behind and journaling 

  • Blessings with or without sacred oils

  • Breath work to help with anxieties

  • Spiritual counselling to enable the release of Soul Wounds

  • Non-denominational pastoral support

  • Light holistic therapies such as 'Gentle Touch' and Reiki

  • Energy work to release stuck energies and aim for a seamless flow during the transverses stage

  • Vigil and hold a sacred space during final moments

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How does it work?

There is no right or wrong time to get in touch with a Soul Doula™. What matters is when it feels right for you.  I work with people of all ages and all stages of their journey.  This can be at point of terminal diagnosis, through to the final hours of life.  

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If you feel you'd like to work with me, or your loved one is at end-of-life and you feel they would benefit from my support, simply get in touch for an informal chat. 

You can work directly with me or I can put you in touch with my Soul Doulas™


We make plans for all sorts during our lifetime.  Such as getting married, having children, career moves and holidays - all of which might not even happen. However, death is the one thing that will definitely happen and we try to not even think about it.  Your death can be peaceful and even beautiful with a plan and support."



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Why do we need

soul Doulas™?

Soul Doulas™ enable people to experience the deaths they would like to achieve.

They are experienced guides, therapists and facilitators who understand the dying process and assist the dying on a deep and personal level.

They are experienced in the spiritual, emotional and psychological aspects of dying.

They can assist those at end-of-life to shed their emotional baggage and soul wounds before they die so they can cross the sacred threshold and move towards the light.

On a spiritual level, Soul Doulas™ prepare people for the great leap of consciousness that is transition.

Death is a subject that is often avoided in conversations. When my dad was diagnosed with cancer we were filled with so many questions and feelings that most of my friends were unable to understand. It was like a secret club, you only understand if you are one of the unfortunate ones to have lost someone close.


Rachael allowed both my dad and I to explore questions and have someone to ‘just be with.’ She gave us both support at the hardest times and I’m comforted by the fact that I can still talk to her now. She knows our story, she walked it with us. She knows that my heart is broken and how much we meant to each other.  For my Dad she gave him time and comfort. She gives me strength and I’m truly grateful. Thank you xxx



White Branch

THE 12 PRINCIPLES OF SOUL DOULAS™ (Created by the Soul Midwives School & honoured by Soul Doulas™)

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To work as non-medical holistic companions who guide and support a dying person in order to facilitate a gentle and tranquil death.

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