What is a Grief & Loss Coach?

This month's guest blog is from Louise Creswick, a Grief & Loss Coach. Louise shares her story and explains what her role is...

"As a Grief & Loss Coach, I help people to find their own way through grief and when they’re ready, create a new normal in life beyond loss. Losing a grandparent and 2 great aunts when I was a teenager led me to believe that death is just what happens when you’re old. In my early adult years, I came to learn this isn’t always the case.

My Story.

When I as 25, I lost my mum very suddenly and unexpectedly. She was my best friend and the one person that gave my life meaning.

Just months later, I lost my dad to Dementia. He was physically here, but he had lost his capacity to make any decisions or care for himself (seemingly overnight). So I did the only thing I could; I stepped in and focused on his needs. This went on for 7 years before I finally lost him completely.

What I didn’t expect was to lose one other thing. Somewhere within the grief and pain, I had lost myself too. I felt disconnected from the world, isolated, alone, empty, purposeless - and powerless to do anything about it. The big gaping holes in my life meant I had no idea what ‘normal life’ was any more and who I was. Clearly, grief had consumed me.

Sadly, this is often the case with loss. Although we navigate the journey in our own way, there is a common occurrence whereby people feel left to simply muddle their way through grief and as a result, feel alone.

I survived the pain by treading water and going through the motions one day at a time. It was a very dark place to be. When I was ready to clamber out of the rabbit hole, I wasn’t really sure who could help.

My grief became complicated and it took multiple sessions of therapy, stacks of self-help, lots of patience, and the power of coaching to help me find my way through. But what emerged was better than I ever imagined.