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What a time to be a Reiki Healer

There’s been a lot of great things happening in the world of Reiki healing. More people have become aware of the mysterious healing modality. Plus, more people than ever have been drawn to become a Reiki healer - even the NHS has started employing Reiki practitioners to work with patients. I know from working at end-of-life, just how powerful Reiki can be. It can bring peace and calm into the most stressful of situations. And there have been many studies (and even more so now) which have shown evidence of the benefits to people on a healing journey.

I am an Angelic Reiki Healer and will become a Master Teacher this year. It’s a beautiful healing modality that I have used on my own journey and with others. I thought a little blog about the subject would help those new to it, or just want to understand it a little more.

Reiki, described as "spiritually directed life energy" (Rand, 1991, p. I-3), is a gentle hands-on spiritual healing tradition originating from Japan.

The word Reiki means universal life energy. It’s an ancient system of healing that was rediscovered in the late 1800s by Mikao Usui, a Japanese Buddhist monk.

Reiki is passed on from master to student through attunement. This attunement opens the student’s energy channels to facilitate the flow of universal life energy for treating others and yourself. When receiving Reiki, you could experience deep relaxation, relief from anxiety and pain, and an increased sense of well-being.

A good Reiki practitioner will never claim to cure all of your ailments. But it does promote rest, relaxation and healing. I myself do believe it can connect us with a powerful life energy greater than ourselves - and this is where miracles and unseen shifts can occur - which I completely understand are hard to use as evidence. We can only work on what WE experience and what feedback we receive from clients and others who have received treatment.

The energy flows where the Universe wants it to go to bring a sense of balance back into the person. I have read and seen evidence of Reiki making a huge difference to people’s sleep and stress levels. I regularly give myself Reiki to keep my energy flowing. I also remember once when I had a headache, I gave myself Reiki to release tension and it did in fact relieve me of the headache. So there are instances when Reiki can take away tension and pain completely too!

Depending on the modality, a session can last between 30-90 mins. It usually involves lying on a therapy coach or chair. In my Soul Sanctuary, my clients lie on a couch and I place my hands on their shoulders. My sessions last 45 minutes with around 20-25 mins of hands on healing. There is also the option to offer distance healing - which can also be effective if the client is unable to travel.

I feel really blessed and honoured to have been trained in such an ancient and beautiful lineage and I am so happy to hear and see Reiki starting to really move forward in the world of healing, end-of-life support and now in a medical setting. What an exciting time to be a Reiki healer.

If you’re interested in Reiki, I offer limited Angelic Reiki appointments at The Soul Sanctuary plus I will be soon teaching Angelic Reiki so keep in touch 😃

You can find out more here

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1 Comment

Nov 16, 2019

I have always found the concept of Reiki fascinating. Harnessing the energy that is within us and around us. x

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