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Why a Retreat is good for you (and your business)

Updated: Mar 26, 2019

Why taking quality time out of your busy and hectic lifestyle to 'just be' is good for you AND your work.

There’s no doubt, for a lot of us out there (myself included), it is the case that when we work, boy do we work, rarely, however, through any conscious decision of our own. Those of us who work in the hospitality and wellness sector in particular spend much of our time in service to others. There’s a lot of giving and putting others best interests before our own. After all, this is our job!  When I ran a Wellness Resort, many of our guests came with the intention to 'relax, recuperate and re-energise'. Our mission was to slow our guests down. This was often a challenge for our weary travellers: for the first three days at least.  During this period, it wasn’t unusual to for us to find ourselves dealing with over-worked, high-achieving, entrepreneurial individuals, and witnessing them trying to find ways to keep themselves totally and utterly busy. We would be on the receiving end of a torrent of verbal diarreah consisting of questions about what we had to offer, how they would plan their day, timings, choices, meal options, even how they would plan their eventual departure. They had only just arrived! Clearly, their minds were still in overdrive. However, soon enough their bodies would lead the way and travel-induced sleep deprivation would kick in and result in some getting up to twelve hours sleep a night! What I loved to watch was the transformation that took place after this initial three days. You would see relaxation happen, in some cases, for the first time in a very long time. It would dawn on guests that the whole reason they had booked their stay was to take a break from the hectic lifestyle back at home. Eventually, you witnessed a letting go. Guests still had opportunities to be busy, but busy doing mindful activities, within a group or alone. The most significant change for them was spending quality time alone immersed in nature. Having the opportunity to have massages and feel the healing benefits of touch. Their memory of juggling a bucket load of stuff was long gone. Their worries were placed on hold for the time being.  It was no surprise that our guests came back time and time again: each time even more ready to slow down and wanting more of relaxation.   A retreat can be a great way to step back from your business to discover new perspectives, refresh your mind, feel physically stronger and nourish your body. It’s a great time to re-evaluate your needs and desires. There’s a retreat for everyone. They can vary in length and focus on various themes such as relaxation, motivation, inspiration, healing and physical – sometimes all of the above! Some retreats are sociable; others are designed for you to be in your own space. It depends what you need. Longer retreats give you a more intensive experience, which allows you to discover the deeper benefits of a retreat.  The benefit of attending a retreat away from your home is far better than attending somewhere closer to home. You are more likely to receive the attention that you need away from home, where support is in abundance and you are less likely to fall into your usual habits. When you change your environment, this can trigger a fresh new ideas and ultimately bring on inspiration. Side note: It’s easy to find yourself settling back into your old habits when you return home after the retreat, so a retreat that offers you post care too helps you integrate your new positive experience into your home life and sustain the benefits. AND as it happens, I'll be co-hosting an Eva and Alma Retreat in Andalusia, with its founder, Rachael Field. The theme of this retreat is'Heal Your Life & Free Your Soul'. We'll be focusing on creating balance in your life with yoga, meditation, breath work, connection and healing practices. For more information, click here...

Hope to see you there!

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I enjoyed reading yyour post


Nov 16, 2019

Sounds wonderful - a relaxing retreat with like-minded individuals x

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