Finding peace with chronic loneliness and social isolation

I'm on a mission to figure out how to overcome chronic loneliness (chronic means 'long term' not short periods of time). It's one of the main causes of early death, increases the risk of developing dementia, heart problems and affects your mental health. Yet very few people in the wellness industry are talking about it. Is it because it's rare at a 'young' age? Or is it because it's not easy to fix or 'sell' a solution?

Before I begin, there is a big difference between the 'feeling' of being lonely and physically being socially isolated. If you do have regular contact with other people, yet feel lonely, this could be a sign you need to do some work on your mental wellbeing. The feeling of loneliness when you have regular human connection could be a sign of depression - if you are concerned, speak to a Doctor to find further support and begin your self care journey.

As a deeply spiritual person, I also know that we are never alone. We are all connected. And I am fortunate to feel that divinity most days. However, we are spiritual beings here to have a human experience. For that reason, social isolation cannot be resolved from knowing spiritual truths. Isolation can be classed as traumatic and one of the worst ways to suffer as a human being. There have been many studies around the effects of isolation on health and it isn't pretty.

I've always taken my health seriously and know when I need to consider changes. Well I am going to be completely honest with you here...I myself am struggling with chronic loneliness and social isolation. I know and feel it is really starting to affect my mental and emotional wellbeing. I don't have an answer right now to figure out how to make changes but I am open to exploring.

In 2011 I went through life changing health challenges that did change my social situation. I was working full time in a busy and vibrant office, commuting by train packed out with other people, playing team sports, going to group gym classes and socialising every single weekend. Pretty much overnight this stopped. So I had to dig really deep on my self care journey to find peace in a life that doesn't suit my personality. As the years went