Travelling abroad & alone with health challenges

Updated: Apr 22, 2019

Greetings from Sunny Spain everyone! As most of my followers are aware, one of the main reasons I came to launch Eva & Alma was due to the learnings, insights and wisdom of healing after trauma and managing chronic illness and invisible disability.

Firstly, I want to start by sharing the following:

* Pre-conditions, I travelled frequently alone so I am used to doing it without fear or anxiety. I just haven’t done it for a long time due to the physical challenges my conditions bring.

* I have spent 8 years healing, getting to understand, know and work with my conditions and how they affect my mind, body and soul. And it's been a DAILY task.

* I have reached a path of acceptance and have drastically changed my life to be able to still feel like I live a fulfilled life despite my health challenges. I know how to listen deeply to my body and rest as much as I can when I can without guilt or shame. So I am confident I can manage my symptoms if I have a flare. I have learnt how to be safe and wait for the flares to pass instead of fighting them.

* I speak fluent Spanish and have driven here numerous times so the area and language is familiar to me (it’s like my second home!). Would I travel to France alone where I don’t know the area or language? I would have done pre-conditions, but now I know it would be too difficult for me to enjoy the trip safely.

The 4 reasons above are why I am able to attempt to travel alone again. And I also feel ready to do it. I don’t see this as a big challenge to prove something to myself or others. But a trip my soul is yearning for and that I feel READY to face. This is important. Sometimes if we are just challenging ourselves to prove a point, it’s not always for the right reason and can cause extra adrenaline to go around the body and create unnecessary anxiety. For me, too much adrenaline now causes my flares so I do things when my instincts tell me I’m ready to do them and in a relaxed environment. No longer as a ‘push