10 Ways to improve your emotional wellbeing.

Updated: Mar 26, 2019

As the Founder of Eva & Alma, I'm a massive fan of wellbeing and self care.  There is a misconception in the UK that wellbeing refers to physical exercise, diet & nutrition and skin care.  These things are important and it’s great there is a focus around the importance of all of these things.  But what about the mind?  The brain is such a powerful part of our body, but we shy away from working on the power of the mind and emotional health.  For some reason, it can be perceived as a ‘weakness’.  A ‘weakness’.  Fancy that!  I think anyone who has spent time working on their emotional health and finding the courage to really open up and embrace emotional wellbeing, is probably chuckling right now.  If only we all knew how much strength it actually takes to achieve ‘total wellness’ (when we work on both our physical and mental health) and the benefits that come from it.  We would become extremely powerful people (and I mean in the right way – not in a ‘power trip’ kind of way ;0 ).


If you want to find out how healthy, strong and powerful you could really be by working on your emotional health and mental wellbeing, try these 10 activities on for size and see how you get on: