9 Ways to Manage Your Digital Space for Self Care

The art of self care is so much more than ‘me time’. It’s multi-faceted, it’s very personal and it doesn’t have to be extravagant. This month’s self care feature will cover ‘digital self care’ and some tips on how to implement it in your own life.

1. Your digital space is still YOUR space. How you use social media and who you allow into your space is still in your power and your control. It’s such an important part of self care. You wouldn’t allow anyone into your home - you can treat your digital space the same. You really can!

2. Number of friends, likes, followers etc.. does not represent who you are and your value as a person. Social Media is not real life. It doesn’t show the ‘real’ you - even when you make a conscious effort to be ‘real’ and write from the heart, the way people read and perceive the written word can be very different to face 2 face.

3. The value of your friendships is not based on how many times they have liked your posts. Of course it’s acceptable to expect a good friend to share something you are involved in when they can or like the odd post. But expecting them to do it all the time is on you. Not them.