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Past Life Trauma

This month I followed the calling of my soul and came over to Spain on my own. Rationally and logistically, I couldn't justify it - but the Universe had my back as I was meant to be here, during Semana Santa (Easter). But I had no idea just what was in store...

For almost 20 years, since meeting someone I have a very deep and Divine connection to, I've had a constant vision I can't explain. Sometimes when I'm asleep but mostly when I'm awake (like a day dream that makes no sense). It's a vision of me running down a corridor out into a balcony that over-looks a square. I was very upset and in a hurry - I felt frightened (and can sometimes feel the anxiety when I'm having the vision). As I arrive on the balcony, I see someone I loved dearly, have their head chopped off in the centre of the square below me. I scream (and have a feeling of guilt that I couldn't get there in time - like it's my fault). And as I collapse to the ground I'm taken away, put onto a ship, treated terribly and then thrown into the ocean. Yes - it sounds horrible doesn't it?! It's never made sense to me why I've had this same vision. I've done so much work to figure out if it's trauma from childhood (like watching a movie, or hearing or learning about something that upset me), a subconscious belief etc... And I've always come up with nothing. But about 3 years ago, I remembered. I had my deep, profound and quite frankly, a little scary spiritual awakening. The alarm clock went off and I remembered who I was and why I'm here. I had massive light bulb moments about things that had happened to me in this life and why. I came to the conclusion that this vision was in fact a past life memory. So, I've been healing it when my soul (and my soul crew) guide me to.

To cut a very long story short, the person I saw in my vision being killed is someone I know in this life. When I mentioned I was going away, this person told me to visit this location. I haven't verbally spoken to this person since 2012, but he went out of his way to call me and guide me to this place. I rationally thought that he was being helpful and letting me know about a place I'd like to visit on my travels (which happens a lot by the way so nothing out of the usual there. When someone suggests I do something I don't automatically assume it's deep and spiritual lol!). Before I came here I had a niggle that I may be doing some past life work, but that was it. I wasn't sure what would actually happen.

When I arrived in the region where the Monastery is, I had mixed feelings. I felt joy, excitement and love. But in the next breath I felt sadness and a little fear (this conflict of emotions all in one time is not normal for me). Little did I know that I'd be faced with the building, square and corridor in my vision when I visited the Monastery...

...when I arrived at La Rabida on Saturday, I felt excited and peaceful about exploring somewhere sacred. When I walked in I kept getting tingles down my spine so I knew there was something happening. After wondering around for a bit I saw it. The square. I knew it. It looked only slightly different to my vision but it was almost identical (possibly due to reconstruction maybe?). You might think I felt fear, sadness, tears, but no - just 'wow'! Right in the middle of the square where I saw my divine connection killed, there was a beautiful tiled pattern. As if it was being pointed out to me. But, rational Rachael kicked in and tried to talk herself out of it. But then I went upstairs. I saw the corridor where my vision starts and I'm running fast down it towards the square (upper floor). I knew 100% it was the corridor. I then turned around and saw it took me directly to the spot where I saw the death happen from the balcony. Lots of ancient buildings have squares, balconies and corridors and I have visited a lot over my time. But this one was different. The direction of where I was running, where it brought me to on the balcony and where the centre of the square was in my vision was IDENTICAL. And deep down I knew it. AND guess what? It's famous for its port filled with boats (it's where Christopher Columbus set sail to discover America no less!). Remember the boat trip after the incident? I could forgive you for thinking I've been researching or searching for this place. I haven't - and that's my truth. My soul and the soul of my Divine connection worked together on this - that I'm sure of. I needed to heal it. And heal it I did. I went down into the square, kneeled on the floor and placed my hands on the square and sent healing and love to the spot.

The centre of the square where I see the death of my loved one.

The day after my visit I felt sad. I had released something. I spent the morning on the beach crying my eyes out and didn't consciously know why. All I had to do was trust I was releasing something. Today I feel different. Not mind blowing, life changing different. Just different. I have no idea why I've had to heal this now. I honestly cannot prove any of it is true. But I trust my soul and the Universe. They know what they are doing and it feels right to me.

Are you following the path of your soul? Or are you letting fear of the unknown rationalise your way from healing (you don't have to have an illness to heal - healing is the path to deep inner peace 😜).

If you are serious about following the calling of your soul and healing yourself to find deep inner peace, I urge you to start taking self care seriously. It really is a powerful and sacred act. To switch off as much of the noise in today's world as you can so you can listen. This is what I am hoping to support people with through 'The Soul Sanctuary' and my 'Sacred Self Care Kits and products'. You can find out more by visiting or following me on instagram @eva_and_alma 💫

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