Tell me you're in a spiritual closet, without telling me you're in a spiritual closet. I'll go first...

Them: "How did you know that?"

Me: "I just 'knew'"

Them: "But how did you know?"

Me: "I, I, I must have been told by someone or read it in a book" *sigh*

If your spirituality and belief system is really sacred and wonderful to you, but through the fear of being 'seen', you've locked yourself away, it can cause a level of spiritual pain. This in turn affects your overall wellbeing.

I've always been deeply connected to a loving and higher power. I've known things about life from a young age that no-one taught me. But I've always kept it secret. In my inner world. And back then it was ok for me. I don't think it was necessarily the best way for me to be, but it wasn't too bad It wasn't creating a problem. Plus I had no one around me (or didn't know I did) I could talk to and share things with - other than the odd good friend that would 'spot' things I did. Even I would dismiss things as 'an overactive imagination' (sometimes things were!) or coincidence. My ego (my conscious, rational mind) fought my soul's inner wisdom so much I was fighting a battle within 🙈.