Sometimes you need to take risks to make a bigger impact. Alison took a risk by following an intuitive pull to work with me. 6 weeks in and her life has changed in ways she never dreamed of....

As a Capricorn, risks don't come natural to me but I have become much better at allowing them for the greater good.

I found 2021quite a risky time in my own work. Everything in my gut was telling me it was time. Time to make big changes in my work. Time to make a bigger impact. I was ready - even though I was a little scared (you know that saying - feel the fear and do it anyway?). Of course my mind looked for reasons to make sense of what I was being called to do AND finding reasons not to. You see, even when you know what your soul speaking to you feels like, your mind will still try to take over. She like to rule lol! But when you know in your gut you are meant to make changes, LISTEN to that over everything. That is the key to a soul-led life. That is what I teach and that is what I practice. Even if my mind gets in the way. Then I choose to fully trust myself and the Universe. Then I let go of the outcome - whatever that may be.

Following your soul/intuition doesn't mean things become easy. You still have challenges - but when you've stepped into your soul power, those challenges will slide off you like water. Your soul knows the way.

For me, this year my biggest risk was changing the way I work. This meant clients that I adore parting ways with me. And that was hard for me for so many reasons. I went from being fully booked most weeks to zero clients. Yes zero! And with a big debt accumulated from continuing to show up and work throughout 2020 (that's how much I believe in my work - I would have been more financially secure to stop working. But I trust in my path.). I also decided to invest more than I ever have in July this year in my growth. My instincts took me there, I listened to them, trusted and the universe made it an option fo