Today, I didn't 'quit'...

Let’s think about the word quitting. Personally, I’m not sure how I feel about it. It's not a word that's inherently bad, although it's sometimes used in a defeatist way, as a label that you have failed.

Growing up as an athlete, the word quit was often used quite negatively. Now, as an end of life practitioner and as a Soul Midwife, I hear the words, “they quit” or “they gave up” quite a lot by people after someone has died and this doesn't sit right with me because that's not how I perceive death to be.

Pre 2011 I would say I had very much that whole ‘no pain no gain’ attitude, I never quit. I mean I NEVER quit. It was literally ingrained in me that I just didn't give up. I clung on to everything. I was proud of having this strong Capricorn mind which gave me the belief that whatever I wanted to achieve, I could do it, providing I worked hard enough.

Now this isn't necessarily unhealthy. It's quite a masculine mindset which can be a good attribute because it is an action taking mentality. I very much lived in my masculine energy for a long time. I looked like a woman from a gender perspective, I had curves and I was feminine, but actually I lived in a lot of masculine energy which was the ‘GO GO GO!’, never quit mentality.

The Toxic Masculine