Updated: Sep 29, 2021

When I ask people what they think yoga is, I hear many different explanations. These range from "a stretching class", to "gymnastics" to"union of mind & body". All of these interpretations are perceptions of modern yoga so not 'wrong'. But would you be surprised to know that yoga is in fact around 5,000 years old and up until recently (1800's) is was not a movement class?

So what is yoga?

I could spend hours sharing the ancient wisdom of yoga and its roots with you (as it's my favourite part). It's deep and multi-layered so I am going to share with you the really basic, top line insight into what yoga is:

'Yoga is the psycho-spritual union of your highest self with something greater than you.'

We don't need to know 'what' that greater thing is. Yoga is not a religion.